Evaluation of Society Inc.
Society Inc., Principal Investigator: D. Peach (100%). 2020.

Design and production of a psycho-social assessment model for use by children and young people and professional
 NHS Executive, Principal Investigator: D Peach (100%). NOV 2016.

Evaluation of the #CTZN Project
Greater Manchester Police, Principal Investigator: D Peach (80%). Co-Investigator: M Ravey (20%). JAN 2016.

Outreach and Research  CSE Support Needs Analysis
Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council, Principal Investigator: D Peach (65%). Co-Investigators: D Allen (25%), P Brown (10%). MAR 2015.

Adoption Agency Evaluation
Department of Education and Skills, Principal Investigator: G Crawford (50%). Co-Investigators: S Myers (25%), D Peach (25%).  JAN 2015